Fringe FAQ

Fringe FAQ


Q: How do I post a blog?

A: To post a blog, go to ‘My Profile’. Then click the ‘My Articles’ tab. This is where all of your blogs will be found. Click ‘New Article’ and get typing! Checking ‘Save and Publish’ and then hitting ‘Save’ will immediately publish the blog/article/journal/whathaveyou for all to see. To save it as a draft, just hit the ‘Save’ button. By default all posts show up on The Feed, but if we like it, we’ll put it on the homepage.

Q: How do I edit my blog?

A: Under ‘My Articles’, select the appropriate tab (Published/Under Review/Draft) find the blog you want to edit, then click the edit icon. To delete the blog, simply click the trash icon.

Q: How do I create a new topics/threads for the Forum?

A: Creating a new topic/thread is surprisingly simple. On the Forum page click on the category that seems most appropriate (Ghosts and Hauntings, Fringe Media, Strange Places, etc.) If none of these fit quite right, click the ‘General and Games’ and we’ll try to sort it out for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a ‘Create New Topic in “…”‘ area. Fill in the fields, upload a photo or other pertinent file (i.e. audio) if you would like (10MB limit) and click submit. Done!

Q: Why aren’t my messages showing up in Chat?

A: The message should eventually show up, but it may take up to 30+ seconds if the hamster powering the site needs a water break.

Q: What’s up with the Strange Places page?

A: Strange Places is a collection of interesting spots in the world. These may be haunted, full of monsters, or simply crumbling ruins decaying in spectacular fashion. There are myths and mysteries, spirits and strange science, and things not of this world. This map aims to find them all. And you can contribute!


Q: I’ve been to a few of those places and have…stuff! (notes/EVPS/evidence) How can I show it off?

A: If it’s just a bunch of nifty photos, you can upload and share them under ‘My Profile/Album’. Great for urban exploration pics. But if you’ve got notes, research, audio, and other files, you can create a casefile in ‘My Profile/BuddyDrive’. Click the New Folder icon, set who can see it, and pick a name. To add files, click the New File icon, add a description, and drag the file into the insert file area. That’s it. Files must be limited to 10MB. And please keep evidence interpretations in a separate text file. For example: audio1.mp3 instead of ghostsaysgetout.mp3.


Q: I just ate breakfast! How do I share this slice of amazing news with the world?

A: You can update your current status on ‘My Profile’ or on ‘Community/Activity’. You can also find what other members are eating for breakfast (or other news) by going to the ‘Community/Activity’ page or by going to the ‘Friends’ tab on ‘My Profile’. You can also share links, photos, or videos.


Q: How do I add Friends?

A: Go to ‘Community/Members’, find the member you would like to Friend and click ‘Add Friend’. A friendship request will then be sent to their private messages.


Q: Private messages are on the ‘My Profile’ page, aren’t they?

A: Very good, grasshopper.


Q: Are people talking about me?

A: Now you’re getting paranoid. But if they are, it should appear under the ‘Mentions’ tab on, you guessed it, ‘My Profile.’ To talk about someone else…or to send them a public message, type the @ symbol followed by their username. As you type, the Fringe Society will look for a match to that name.


Q: I’m addicted to reality TV ghost shows and would like to join create a support group. Or at least talk about those shows with others who share the same obsession.

A: To create a Group, click ‘Community/Groups’ to open the Group page. Click the ‘Create a Group’ button on the top left. Fill in the Group name and description and click the create button on the lower left. Fill in the settings as necessary and click next. Upload an avatar for the group (choose file/upload) and click next. Invite members from your friends list and click finish.


More questions? Send a private message to the Fringemaster.