Shadows Within Shadows

7 August 2013
There are a number of ways in which an entity might present itself. They might appear as an apparition, or be heard as an EVP/DVP. They might cause a drop in temperature or touch an investigator. They might even communicate through EMF. However, compelling evidence is extremely scarce despite [...]

Research on the Fringe

1 August 2013
I really get a kick out of the strange twists and turns that research on the fringe can provide. A few days ago, I noted that Silent Hill: Revelation 3D featured the Lakeside Amusement Park. Years ago, there was both a Lakeside and a Lakewood Amusement park in Barnesville, PA. [...]

Tech Quick Tip: EMF Probe Part 2

23 July 2013
If you thought the EMF probe we talked about in the previous Tech Quick Tip was a one trick pony, you’re in for a surprise. The pickup coil used in the last article was designed to pick up the varying magnetic fields of a telephone speaker and record them. [...]

Tech Quick Tip: EMF Probe

20 July 2013
Let’s say you’ve found an EMF hotspot that you simply can’t account for. You can’t find any wiring and by all rights there should be no power in the area. Before declaring it paranormal, you can run a quick test to see if it’s likely [...]

EMF in Theory and Practice: Part II

10 July 2013
In the first part of this series of articles, I posited the ‘why’ of bringing along an EMF meter on an investigation. To concisely summarize the previous results: because they measure electromagnetic fields, of course. What I neglected to mention was the ‘how’ of the matter. Now I plan to [...]

EMF in Theory and Practice: Part I

10 July 2013
In the palms of paranormal enthusiasts worldwide lies a small, unassuming, handheld device. Innocuous as it appears, still the apparatus is able to render the invisible into a physical form. In a typical scenario, this tool is affixed to an investigator for hours on end while the individual walks the [...]


10 July 2013
Since the Asylum episode aired, the forums have been flooded with posts enquiring about Frank’s Box, the (alleged) ‘telephone to the dead.’ How does it work? Does it actually work? Why does it sound like a bad radio? What about the suggestibility of the listener? Read on for all [...]
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