The possibility's of the mind control of your environment

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    Roger Liddicoat

    In the year of ” Our Lord ” 1971 I had just finished reading a report on studies done on people to prove Psychokinesis . Being a bright and imaginative lad I thought of the possibility’s . And since I needed to do a report of some thing for School , I choose this subject . I found some like minded people to help do an experiment using a round , cone shaped table able to spin , with pins around the edges and different colors between the pins . Then we rigged a basketball hoop over the center and got a light , plastic ball to toss in . Just like the ones used in carnivals every where .
    There were three of us taking turns tossing the ball in , then guessing the color before it stopped . Most of the time we guessed wrong . Finally we tried all of us guessing the color brown , then one tossed the ball which promptly landed on blue .
    Then as we watched the ball backed up hill , against the spin , and moved to the brown position . We stood with our mouths hanging open in surprise and ll said : ” Did you see that ” ! Now we were all of 16 year’s old and tell the truth it scared the ba Jesus out of us . We did not repeat the experiment .
    Now my question , has any one ever observed some thing move that seemed to be by the sear will of a person ? Haunting’s , poltergeist activity , or any thing ?


    How exciting!! Why did you stop? The power of the mind was at work. I think a lot of people experiment with things like that, then when it does work or happen the way they had envisioned they get scared and back off. Its too bad really I would of liked to of seen that. If you have the gumption to do it again try to video tape it.

    As to your question I have bent a spoon before. If there is anything else I would have to think more about it.

    anne moe

    I personally have not seen anything that fantastical happen outside of movies. Now I have had weird things happen, for example, light bulbs fall out of the socket from a lamp, or decorations cracking, and it’s ALWAYS at a hotel. And since I hate staying at hotels, I always attribute that to the fear I put out whenever I’m at one. I don’t think one would categorize that as psychokinesis though since I’m not necessarily putting in the mental effort to unscrew light bulbs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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