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    Hiding underwater, on land, and in the air, in the hottest jungles and the coldest climes. For every environment, there are cryptids waiting to be found. If you could go after any of these secretive creatures, what would it be and how would you go about it?


    OK Here’s the thing. Why do these people always hunt at night? If the creature is a night dweller, wouldn’t be better to search for it during the day while it is sleeping? That way you know its not moving and easier to locate? Same for ghost hunting really. Not all ghosts come out just during the night. They are active at all times of the day.

    Josh Light

    It’s a rare thing to stumble upon a sleeping ‘monster’. Even more rare than finding one moving about. Where ever it is that these creatures sleep, it’s hidden well enough that the few glimpses we’ve had have all been while they were quite active–mostly at night. Ergo, we have to chase them in the dark.

    Ghosts are another matter entirely. Some show up at 10am, while others are much later. It’s all a matter of learning their habits and adjusting the hunt accordingly. I’m perfectly fine with searching in the day or the night.


    I feel that hunting for them at any time is chancey, because all we have is somewhere out in the woods or something like that. Yeah that’s a big help. I feel that a cave or grotto type area would be the best bet. So why not at least look there first? I am sure locals or American Indians would know the area well enough to steer someone in the right direction.
    Ghosts on the other hand, your right. You need to know their habits but it seems a lot of the time things are happening during the day. I have seen shows where the client says activity is during the day and yet the investigators do the investigating at night. It probably has to do with the network and keeping viewers glued to the tv and not have much to do with the actual investigators.

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