Favorite Haunted Place That You’ve Visited?

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    What’s your favorite haunted hotspot that you’ve actually visited? What made the experience so memorable?


    Uh That would have to be the Queen Mary. While they were having the Titanic exhibit, and Breendonk (Belgian concentration camp).

    Roger Liddicoat

    About 10 years ago a Real Estate Agent told me of a real nice home in very small farming community in southern Wisconsin that he could not sell or rent . Apparently the last owners where a family of violent drunks that left the home in a bad state , but was still potentially nice . Unfortunately no one stayed there for more than a month or so , then left . Even when empty the neighbors could hear screams and shouting , but when they looked no one was there . One family from Chicago bought it , and started renovations , only to be frightened out in a short time .
    My wife and I being curious stopped by the place on the way home one night . We just parked in the driveway and sat there . I heard and felt nothing , but my wife started to go in to a panic . ( She’s the one who’s the sensitive ) said the place simply radiated pure EVIL .
    Any way after a while the city father’s had a fire department practice and burned it to the ground . Apparently they also had a Priest bless the scorched ground , then built a new house further in on the property . No more activity has ever been observed since then , and the new home owners live in peace .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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